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MAC Brave is a “pink-beige with white pearl” satin finish lipstick. It’s a beautiful pinky beige lipstick that   has a slight sheen but not glossy finish. The pearl is minimal and not even close to being frosty. Due to its satin finish, lip balm and preparation is recommended prior to application. Lighter skintones will love this as an everyday color and darker skintones will love this as a pinky nude. It’s the lighter, pinker, beiger, and more “girly” version of MAC Cosmo while Cosmo is slightly more sophisticated and has a browner undertone. 
The two dupes are pretty much identical in color but with different finishes. They’re less drying, more comfortable on the lips, and glossier than MAC Brave.
(L-R) MAC Brave, Maybelline Warm Me Up, L’Oreal Tender Berry

1) Maybelline Colorsensational l/s in Warm Me Up ($7) – It’s slightly pinker, lighter, and glossier but these differences aren’t pronounced at all on the lips. It’s almost identical actually!

2) L’Oreal Infalliable l/s in Tender Berry ($10) – The only difference is that Brave has slightly less pearl but other than that – it’s identical. The only issue is that L’Oreal lipsticks are relatively expensive so you won’t save as much money with this option.


  1. ThriftThick says:

    I have been so happy to find that I have so many M.A.C. lipstick dupes in my stash already!! Warm Me Up is one of my all time favorites for an everyday pink/natural lip color and Brave has been on my list of “wants” for a long time now… guess I can check this one off of my list too!! :)


  2. sleepandwater says:

    Wow, Warm Me Up is such a great dupe for Brave! I’ve tried it on me and I wasn’t too thrilled with it though, I think it’s a touch too mauve-brown on my already pigmented lips. Looks super nice on you though :)

  3. Luchessa Grossmann says:

    Hello Jane, i just found yuo while i was looking for MAC swatches. You have a great blog design & it’s easy to browse it. Loved the presentation of your posts and the care for details. Hope you don’t mind, but i’m staqying for a while ;)


  4. Kat dela Cruz says:

    I have the Maybelline Warm Me Up lipstick. I picked it up to replace my favorite Covergirl Sultry when I lost it. I didn’t love the WMU as much as I loved Sultry, but it works as an everyday lipstick as it isn’t too loud. I’m happy to find out it’s a dupe of a popular MAC lipstick!

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