DUPE | MAC Dubonnet Lipstick

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MAC Dubonnet is a “deepened claret” amplified creme finish lipstick (source). Dubonnet is a gorgeous darkened red with slight brown undertones that can veer on vampy depending on skintone and personal preference.
(L-R) MAC Dubonnet, Maybelline Timeless Crimson
1) Maybelline Superstay 14H in Timeless Crimson ($9) - Dubonnet is slightly redder and shinier than Timeless Crimson but they feel and look identical on the lips. Timeless Crimson is longer wearing but strongly fragranced (somewhat like Carmex).


  1. sleepandwater says:

    Gooooorgeous colour. Need to check out the Maybelline someday as I’ve been keen to try out Dubonnet but not sure how much wear I’d get out of it on a day-to-day basis (probably close to none :p).

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am gonna ask a random question that has nothing to do with the lipstick.

    Do you think nars taj mahal can work on fair skin? I went back to your old video again on the nars blushes and it triggered my desire for taj mahal, but my skin is really fair.

    • Jane C. says:

      1) TM won’t look as orange on warmer undertones than cooler ones.
      2) If you use a light hand then it can look beautiful (as in the links down below). A stipple brush would be perfect for the job because TM is really pigmented.
      3) If you pair it with a pink blush or apply on top of a pinker cream blush then it can tone down the orange.
      4) You can try Maybelline’s limited edition baked blush in Coral Burst and see if that’s too orange for you. It’s redder and not as true of an orange as TM.

      The best thing about Taj Mahal is its golden sheen so if you’re set on Taj Mahal and money is not an issue, I recommend you at least try it. It’s one of my favorite blushes and no other blush has given me a similar effect.

      Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jane, I cannot thank you enough! You are always so helpful. It is just such a one of a kind color that I cannot pass. I will get taj mahal when next sephora sale is here. Nars blushes are 29 per pan now!

    • Jane C. says:

      I know! $29 is crazy and I’m sure it’ll rise to $30 soon. I started collecting them when they were $25 and I got them for as little as $15 on sale…should have stocked up haha. I need to do an updated NARS blush video this summer…my collection has increased more than expected, as difficult as that may seem :P

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow. So look forward to seeing your new collection on NARS. You haven’t made a video for a long while. Please make film soon!

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