DUPE | MAC Impassioned Lipstick (and Party Parrot too!)

For the 31 days of MAC Dupes, click here.

MAC Impassioned is an “amped-up fuchsia” amplified finish lipstick (source)MAC Party Parrot is a “bright red-pink” matte finish lipstick that came out with the Iris Apfel 2011 and Strength 2012 limited edition collections. These two shades are extremely similar to each other but differing slightly in undertone and finish. These are neon reddish pink lipsticks that practically wears itself. 

1) Milani Flamingo Pose ($5) – Flamingo Pose is the perfect mix of MAC Impassioned and Party Parrot. It’s a dupe of both lipsticks but it’s not identical to either. Impassioned is a touch cooler and darker than Flamingo Pose. Impassioned actually looks like the duller version of Flamingo Pose. Party Parrot has exactly the same color as Flamingo Pose but Party Parrot is completely matte and Flamingo Pose has a decent amount of glossiness. It’s closer in finish to Impassioned but closer in color to Party Parrot.


    • Jane C. says:

      By definition, to dupe means to trick or fool so that’s how I think of makeup dupes as – if I wear both at one time and no one can tell the difference then I think it’s a dupe. If dupes were identical products from the color and finish to the formula then entire lines of lipsticks would be identical in formula and therefore lawsuits would be in order (at least imo). I don’t think ‘identical products’ exist even under the same company.

    • Emi at Project Swatch says:

      I can see that. I always thought of dupe as short for “duplicate” though – as in a copy – and so close in formula and color that you can barely tell the difference.

      Regarding lawsuits, I know that nail polish colors can’t be patented or copyrighted (which is why you see Revlon copy Deborah Lippmann), and I know you can’t patent or copyright a list of ingredients in a food-recipe. So, I doubt you can legally protect a formula or color; the only way to protect it is to keep it a secret, and hope that no one makes something too similar!

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