DUPE | MAC Love Goddess Lipstick (LE)

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MAC Love Goddess is a “mid-tone red pink” satin finish lipstick that was part of the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection of Fall 2012 (source). It was the first lipstick to sell out online and within an hour and half of its release. It is a beautifully pigmented reddish pink lipstick that gives a more feminine touch to the typical red lipsticks. It’s one of my favorite lipsticks because of how unique and comfortable it is to wear. 
(L-R) MAC Love Goddess, Wet’n’Wild Cherry Picking
1) Wet’n’Wild Megalast in Cherry Picking ($2) – This is another very close alternative (sorry for that!) – Cherry Picking is much redder and slightly matter and darker than Love Goddess on the arm but due to the close finish and color intensity, they look very close on the lips. If you line the lips with a red lipliner then it should be exact.


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