Coveted: Victoria’s Secret Exotic Jewels Collection (Heidi Klum; 2009)

I love South and Southeast Asian art and their wealth of gold and jewel tone shades. Unfortunately, this style has only made its way to the makeup world a few times – the MAC Manish Arora Collection (2008; sells for $50+ on ebay per item) and the Victoria’s Secret Exotic Jewels Collection.

Since this limited edition collection was released in 2009, it took me months of scouring the net to finally get my hands on the two gems of the line. I wanted to share with you how beautiful they are because I haven’t seen anything as remarkable since! Behold…

Luminous Gems
Hidden Palace


  1. jenn f says:

    woah. am actually surprised by the color payoff of the gems. sometimes these don’t go over so well when non-querlaine brands do them. i know the body shop had a few that were so-so and etude house which did one that was mostly a skip. glad you found these (albeit with a bit of digging)

    A Beautiful Zen

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good items to collect! Makeup is so much fun to play with and to keep because of they are practical art pieces.

    ps. you should make a video of any kind when you have time, miss you on youtube!


  3. Sharina says:

    Oh wow – your hunt is worth it! Lovely packaging and awesome pigmentation!! Better than that emcosmetics palette which from packaging alone screams disappointment! Thanks for sharing these, Jane. Theyre beautiful. Cant stop looking at them!

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