Em Cosmetics Eye Shadow Comparisions & Swatches

I honestly dislike giving reviews on poor quality makeup and I don’t want to devote anymore time to this Em Cosmetics Sampler than my review (link) and these swatch comparisons. This is only a glimpse into what Em Cosmetics has to offer and may not be representative of the entire line.

Size Comparisons

Em Cosmetics smaller pans (16mm), larger pans (22mm), and a typical MAC pan (26mm)
Low End Comparisons

Em Bali Sands, Em Moroccan Bloom, Wet’n’Wild Trio in Walking on Eggshells ($3), LA Colors Traditional ($1), ELF Studio ES in Coffee Bean ($3), Covergirl Single in Taupe Tapestry ($3), Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Cherry Chocolate ($1)
High End Comparisons
Em Moroccan Bloom, Em Bali Sands, Bare Minerals Ritzy (from The Star Treatement), Urban Decay Snakebite, MAC Satin Taupe, Tom Ford Cognac Sable (darkest shade)
Note: The reason why Em Cosmetics eyeshadows are sooo sheer is due to their extremely hard textures which only get harder with use (I would be wary of swatches from brand new palettes, number of swipes, and if over a primer). No primer was used in any of these pictures.


    • Jane C. says:

      I absolutely agree. For a professional brand, I’m extremely disappointed. Indie companies like MUG and Sugarpill cater to their customer demographic and match up the price with quality two fold.

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m loving this blog post… thank you for sharing swatch and size comparisons! I feel like I don’t see as many of these, and they’re super helpful and informative. I’m not sure I will ever purchase any of the Life palettes from this brand, as I honestly do not have extra money around. I’d rather take my $75 and invest it elsewhere. I’ve seen so many different reviews on this, so I guess at some point, I’ll have to try some products out and make my own decision! Thank you! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just want to thank you for this post. It’s very nicely photographed, compared, and it’s obvious, that you put a lot of effort in it. Also, thanks for being honest, unlike the other reviews, that were clearly paid to preach this terrible line.

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