Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers: Review, Swatches

Rating: B Purchased

The Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers (or Rimmel Apocalips in the UK) were a huge hit when they were introduced in June (which seems like forever ago!). They’re highly pigmented, opaque, smooth, creamy lip glosses; they remind me most of the NYX Mega Shine lip glosses but with a stronger plastic-sweet smell. They’re moisturizing, comfortable to wear, glossy, and very easy to apply due to the altered doe-foot applicator. 
Compared to the OCC Lip Tars, these are much thinner, glossier, not as sticky, and are more comfortable to wear…but they’re not nearly as long wearing. The Rimmel Show Offs are extremely prone to transferring so they’ll last moderately long on the lips (lighter shades 3 hrs, darker shades 6) if you don’t talk much and avoid eating. The lip color tends to pool around the edges of the lips when talking and can feather if you’re not careful. These may feel and look nice but I hate having to constantly check the mirror to see if it’s smeared all over my face or teeth. 

Price: $4.99 at drugstores
Pigmentation: High, opaque
Texture: Smooth, creamy
Pros: High pigmentation, smooth, easy to apply, comfortable to wear
Cons: Easily transferable; poor staying power; gathers at edges of lips when talking; transfers off when eating; can feather; strong smell
Overall: B, These are highly pigmented, creamy lip glosses that are highly transfer prone and don’t last very long. They may look good on initial application but need constant maintenance throughout the day. It’s not something I would wear on busy days but they do photograph beautifully. Make sure you smell it first if you get the chance to!
The doe-foot applicator has a divet in the center to allow for an easier, more streamlined application.

The packing has a nifty reservoir to check if the lip gloss has been opened – genius!

(L-R) Luna, Nova, Aurora, Stellar, Big Bang

(L-R) Luna, Nova, Aurora, Stellar, Big Bang


  1. Cherie says:

    Honest, in-depth review! A limited range of these has been released in Australia but none of the shades really got me hooked and the poor wear and tendency to transfer offset the awesome pigmentation imo. Lovely photos!

    • Jane C. says:

      Thank you Catherine!! I LOVE it on me too! I just need to find the same color in a different formula lol. It really sucks that not many drugstore brands are cruelty free :/

  2. Pamela Ridwan says:

    oh you totally pull off every shade! I have one of this in bigbang and as much as I like it, I prefer to wear it blotted since it tends to smear and move around too much when it’s not blotted..
    I recently stumbled upon your blog Jane! I’m glad i found it :-)

  3. rachel says:

    hi i was just wondering about your opinion on the naked 2 palette. I have the same colouring as you and i just wonder what made you buy 2 over the original naked? great post, i especially love the ones where you do lipstick dupes! :)

    • Jane C. says:

      At the time I bought 2, 1 wasn’t available. I’m not sure whether to get 1 or the Lorac Pro/Laura Mercier Palette. I like my UD N2 a lot because I like cooler shades on my eyes.

  4. Jessica says:

    I do actually enjoy these quite a lot. I have Galaxy and Light Year, which are both perfect shades for fall and winter. I also find that they do not last as long as other people claim they do. I am not a big lip gloss girl, and so I like that these don’t feel like glosses.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Your photos and swatches are fabulous.

  5. AllthingsMakeupnBeauty says:

    i really love the colors but the cons of the product are whats keeping me from buying more. i have apocalips and although the color is so rich and gorgeous, the product bleeds out onto my skin and transfers easily onto my teeth. the high maintenance of the product is something i dont want to have to constantly deal with. gorgeous colors nontheless

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